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Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School


Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School

Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School

Team News.

Team News

Today @ 9:37AM

Varsity Cheer: Games Tonight

Varsity Cheerleading Team News:  Games tonight starting at 6:00.  Meet in Eagle Hall at 5:00 stretched, dressed and ready to warm up stunts (Silver bows).  Amy Fitts working concessions for girls game.  DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP ON THE SIGNUP GENIUS FOR CONCESSIONS.  EVERY PARENT IS REQUIRED TO SIGN UP FOR AT LEAST ONE GAME. Signup Genius Link:


Team News

4 days ago @ 9:13AM

Varsity Cheer: Game today! Meet in Eagle Hall at 5:00

Varsity Cheer: Game today! Meet in Eagle Hall at 5:00 dressed, stretched and ready to warm up stunts!! 

Team News

5 days ago @ 12:24PM

Varsity Cheer: Meet in gym lobby today at 3:55!!

Meeting in gym lobby today at 3:55 SHARP!! If ONE person is late, whole team will RUN!! So, spread the word!

Team News

5 days ago @ 10:45AM

Varsity Cheer: Link for Concessions SignUp Genius

Remember each parent must sign up for at least one home game. Please sign up ASAP.



Team News

5 days ago @ 10:21AM

Varsity Cheer: Practice today 4:00-6:00

Varsity Cheer: Practice today starts at 4:00.  Do not be late.  Anna and Alaina make sure you have your navy pom, if not you will have to run!! 

Team News

6 days ago @ 9:41PM

Varsity Cheer: 11/13-11/30 Schedule

11/12-11/16: Tues: 4:30-6:00; Wed: 4:00-6:00; Thurs: Games at 6:00, Meet in EH at 5:00 dressed and stretched; Fri: Off.

11/19-11/23: Mon: Games at 6:00, Meet in EH at 5:00 dressed and stretched; Rest of week: Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy your time off!! After the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, we will have NO time off!!  It'll be time to get busy with pep rally routine!! :)

11/26-11/30: Mon: 4:30-6:00; Tues: 4:30-6:00; Wed: 4:00-6:00; Thurs: Off; Fri: ? 4-6 ? Will confirm asap


Team News

2 weeks ago @ 12:31PM


Varsity Cheerleading Practice Schedule Changes:

TODAY 11/1: 3:45-5:30 w/MS FRIDAY - NO PRACTICE


11/5 - 4:30-6:00

11/6 - 3:45-5:30 w/MS

11/7 - 3:45-5:30 w/MS

11/8 - No Practice

11/9 - 4:30-6:00


11/12 - Holiday, No Practice

11/13 - 4:30-6:00

11/14 - 4:00-6:00

11/15 - First Games / Meet in Eagle Hall at 5:00 dressed and ready to warm up.

11/16 - No Practice

11/19 - Games.

Remainder of week - Thanksgiving, no practice

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 9:46AM

Varsity Cheer: Reminder NO PRACTICE TODAY

NO PRACTICE TODAY. Practice tomorrow 3:30-5:30. Bring check for $59.97 for order of Bow, Croptop, Briefs & Shoes tomorrow to practice.  Checks should be made payable to "East Wake Academy".

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 7:53PM

Varsity Cheer: Practice Cancelled Tomorrow

 Varsity Cheerleading Team News: Practice cancelled THURS; Fri:3:30-5:30. Bring $59.97 check Friday payable to "East Wake Academy"!

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 8:52PM

Varsity Cheer: Money due ASAP for Items ordered through Omni Cheer

Varsity Cheer: Great news!! The amount due is significantly less than what we were expecting and what I quoted.  When I called and placed the order today, the entire order was an additional 25% off!  SO, with that being said, the amount due ASAP is: $59.97.  Checks should be payable to "East Wake Academy".  Please get those checks to me no later than Friday!!

Athletic Payment: All student-athletes are asked to pay a $100 Booster Fee for first sport played and $50 per following sports played.  This fee is used solely to help pay a portion of the costs involved with renting fields/facilities, purchasing equipment, and paying for officials.   This can be paid by cash or check.  Checks can be made payable to ‘EWA Athletics’ and can be turned in to the Athletic Department or dropped in the lockbox that hangs in the Athletics’ Office. All Booster Fees are tax deductible. We'd like for this to be paid by the first game which is 11/15.

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 2:14PM

VarsityCheer: Practice today 4:30-6:00 in Eagle Hall

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 10:26PM

Varsity Cheer: Parent Meeting Info / Practice Schedule This Week

For those who were not able to attend the parent meeting, I will get the "Rules & Expectations" to your child tomorrow at practice to take home and review; sign and return to me.  I will have a price for you ASAP for the items being ordered from Omni Cheer.  I will send a signup Genius ASAP to sign up for the home games to work concessions.  As I mentioned, the schedule changes often, it already has from the one I passed out tonight.  The schedule on the Varsity Cheer page has now been updated with only the home games.  I need "Rules & Expectations" form and the Uniform Signout Agreement returned from: Nathan Bryant; Gracie Carter and Alyssa Letchworth.

Please bring the $100 Athletic Fee to practice this week or at least by the first home game. Again, make checks for this out to "EWA Athletics"

I'll have a team store set up soon so you can order any additional items you may want for your child or family members.  More info to come.

Practices this week:  TUES:  4:30-6:00; WED: 4:30-6:00; THURS: 4:30-6:00; FRI: 3:30-5:30 ? (I will update you about this practice)

Team News

4 weeks ago @ 12:09PM

Varsity Cheer: Reminder - Practice Today 4:00; Parent Meeting 5:30

Varsity Cheer: Reminder - Practice Today 4:00; Parent Meeting 5:30

Team News

4 weeks ago @ 1:45PM

Varsity Cheerleading Roster Posted

Varsity Cheer: Thank you to everyone who tried out! If you did not make the team, please tryout again next year.  We had A LOT of girls trying out.  The roster has been posted to the team website at  Practice Monday at 4:00 in EH. Mandatory parent meeting at 5:30.

Team News

1 month ago @ 9:59AM

V.Cheer: Reminder - Tryouts Today/Tomorrow

Varsity Cheerleading tryouts resume today 4-6 for everyone; Tomorrow 3:30-5:00 for cross country girls only. If you came yesterday, today is the last tryout date.  If you missed yesterday and/or are cross country, tryouts are today 4-6 and tomorrow 3:30-5:00.

Team News

1 month ago @ 10:13AM

Varsity Cheer: REMINDER: Tryouts Wed/Thurs 4-6

Varsity Cheer: Reminder that cheerleading tryouts are THIS Wed/Thurs from 4-6 in Eagle Hall.  You MUST have a tryout ticket from Coach Eason to be able to try out.  If you are involved in the Cross Country meet on Wednesday, come to tryouts Thursday 4-6 and Friday 3:30-5:00 in Eagle Hall.  You MUST attend BOTH days of tryouts!! Friday tryouts are ONLY for cross country girls!! Roster will be posted on the athletic website Varsity Cheerleading page by 9:00PM Friday.

Team News

2 months ago @ 6:17PM


V.Cheer: Tryouts have been postponed until after trackout.  Dates will be announced ASAP.

Team News

2 months ago @ 3:21PM

V. Cheer: Meeting Recap/Tryout Information

Meeting flyer from the meeting last week is placed under team files with all information regarding tryouts and schedule.  Reminder, please make sure that you submit your Tryout Packet to Coach Eason BEFORE tryouts.  Pending weather we may need to use the second set of dates on the flyer for tryouts.  

Team News

3 days ago @ 10:53PM

Varsity Cheer: Awesome games tonight guys!!

Y’all looked great tonight!! Remember the things we discussed at 1/2 time for Monday. Y’all received several compliments so great job! No practice tomorrow. REMEMBER: Games Monday. Dress up for school; meet in EH at 5:00 ready to warm up stunts.

Team News

4 days ago @ 9:47PM

Varsity Cheer: Don’t forget Athletic Fees

Varsity Cheerleading Team News: Please don’t forget to bring in your athletic fees. $100 if you did not play a Fall sport; $50 if you did.

Team News

1 week ago @ 8:44PM


REMINDER: No practice for the remainder of this week. Friday’s practice cancelled due to early release. Monday is a holiday. TUES 11/13: 4:30-6:00 WED 11/14: 4:00-6:00 THURS: Game at 6:00. MEET IN EAGLE HALL AT 5:00 dressed in complete uniform (bow, croptop, ALL WHITE Socks, briefs, uniform, new Addidas shoes). You should already be stretched and ready to warm up stunts AT 5:00 SHARP!! If you are late or not ready AT 5:00, you will run at the next practice. NO dark or black fingernail polish, NO jewelry, NO long nails! Stud earrings only. Your hair can be all up or 1/2 up (I don’t care which) just as long as you can see your bow from the front! NOT French braided or any way so that the bow is only seen in the back. JUST BECAUSE WE’RE NOT PRACTICING DOES NOT MEAN YOU DO NOT HAVE WORK TO DO AT HOME. ALLISON SHOULD HAVE SENT OR SENDING A GROUP TEXT ABOUT WHAT TO WORK ON AT HOME SO WE WILL NOT HAVE TO BACKTRACK at the only two practices we have left before the first game. SO FAR I do not have practice planned for Friday 11/16, HOWEVER, that still depends on how practice goes Tues/Wed AND how the games go Thurs. If I feel we need one more practice before the 11/19 game then we will do so, SO just like this Friday and today’s practice, which y’all did GREAT, next Friday’s practice depends on you! Love you guys!! You are all SO awesome to work with and our first game will be GREAT!! If you took a new navy Pom home, bring it to practice Tuesday! See you all Tuesday! Have a great rest of the week and weekend! Coach Tammy

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 8:14AM

Varsity Cheerleading Practice Cancelled Today

Practice cancelled Monday 11/5

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 10:35AM

Varsity Cheer: REMINDER No Practice Today

PRACTICE REMINDER: No practice today or Friday Thurs: 3:45-5:30 in dance room
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