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Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School


Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School

Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School

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7 months ago @ 12:59PM

2020-21 NCAC Game Day Guidelines

NCAC Game Day Guidelines 

Indoor Event Spectators 

  • Total of 25 spectators at all indoor events

  • (Indoor events) Home team will be allowed: 15 

  • (Indoor events) Away team will be allowed:  10 

       *(In accordance with State Mandate Numbers) 


Outdoor Event Spectators 

  • Total of 100 spectators at all outdoor events

  • (Outdoor events) Spectator numbers will be monitored by the host administrator

       *(In accordance with State Mandate Numbers) 


Team Staff/Personnel 

  • 6 -Home team

  • 3 -Away team 

*Away personnel not deemed essential per the NCHSAA, do not need to sit at the scoring table. Designated location on the bench will be allowed.



  • All visiting teams must arrive in uniform. Locker rooms will be off limits for changing & meeting as a team. 

  • Visiting teams will only be allowed to enter the host venue at least 20 mins prior to the start of event for warmups (indoor & outdoor teams)

  • Daily screening forms must be filled out before home & visiting teams arrive at the venue. 

  • Temperature checks will be conducting at the gate for ALL spectators, players, coaches & officials


Face coverings

  • For indoor venues - Must be worn by all (including staff, coaches & spectators) 

  • For outdoor venues - Must be worn in accordance with NCHSAA guidelines for all coaches, players, and officials, and in accordance with all state and local ordinances for spectators. 



  • All spectators must exit the gym between events for cleaning (minimum of 30mins).

  • Players & coaches of the following games will be allowed into the venue by the host administration when ready. 

  • All areas of seating, shared equipment & door handles must be wiped down


Sport Specific Guidelines


Cross Country

  • Option 1: Space mass start 

  • Schools will run in pods of 4 for each race


Pod 2: HC, VCS, RCS, OPS, VA

  • 3:00 pm Walkthrough / 3:30 pm start (Girls run first)

  • Face coverings must be worn at start area

  • Finishing area must be designated as a NO spectator area.



  • FA, VA, OP, VC

  • Max of 10 each gender

  • All swimmers must finish on turn end of pool to exit

  • No yelling and chanting



  • Visiting team must bring own balls for warm up

  • Bench/Chair 6 feet apart 

  • No high fives

  • 4:30 pm/6:00 pm start


For more details on specific sports rules please refer to the following manual:

NCSAA Modified sports manual


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