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Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School


Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School

Go Eagles!

East Wake Academy High School

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1 month ago @ 12:55PM

Athletic Awards Announcement 2019-2020


Unfortunately, we will not be hosting an athletic banquet this year.  I know many of you had already assumed this outcome but we were weighing all possibilities. We are currently waiting for all awards to be shipped to the school. This will take longer than normal due to companies being shut down.  Please know this decision did not come lightly. Between the Governor's orders and not completing the Spring season it was ultimately out of our control. Awards will be announced via social media, newspaper, and EWA athletic website. Please see dates below regarding when each team/season will be recognized. 

As a school and athletic program, we have still have so much to be proud of in regards to our accomplishments from the fall and winter seasons.  All the athletes, parents, and coaches have put so much time and hard work into their perspective sports. We could not thank you enough and look forward to seeing you soon! 


Awards Announcement Dates

May 18th: HS Fall 

May 19th: MS Fall

May 20th: HS Winter

May 21st: MS Winter

May 22nd: Triple Sport Athletes, Athlete(s) of the Year, Coach of the Year 

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